EnerLogic Window Film

EnerLogic Window Film transforms your existing windows into year-round energy-efficient windows that help make your home or commercial property more comfortable while saving on energy costs. We have listed some specific ways that this revolutionary product can help in both residential and commercial applications.


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    Save on Utility Bills

    EnerLogic window film is able to transform existing poorly-insulated windows into energy efficient windows. It gives single-pane windows the annual insulating performance of double-pane windows, and makes double-pane windows perform like triple-pane! Don’t replace your windows, enhance them with EnerLogic window film.

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    Improve Comfort

    Sitting near a window in the winter can give you a chill, while summer heat can drive you out of your favorite room. Resolving these issues used to mean adding an extra layer of clothing for warmth or turning on a fan to cool off. By simply installing EnerLogic window lm on to your existing glass you will have up to 92% more insulating power — creating a more comfortable environment for your whole family.

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    Cut Harsh Glare

    Daylight can cast so much harsh glare on your TV, laptop or computer that it strains your eyes and interferes with your viewing enjoyment. With EnerLogic window film applied to your glass, you won’t have to close the drapes to enjoy your electronics in daylight.

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    Reduce Fading

    Bright sunlight can also contribute to the fading of most fabrics, furnishings and artwork. EnerLogic window film will block up to 99% of all UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect your family and furnishings without obstructing your view.


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    Year Round Energy Savings

    With unparalleled insulation and energy performance, the technology behind these films enables heat to be kept out during summer and radiant heat to be kept in during winter. Through a low-e coating, EnerLogic window film provides year-round energy savings and improved comfort, from educational institutions to corporate of offices.

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    Faster Payback & Better ROI

    Trade-offs are inherent with most energy-saving solutions. New windows take 15-20 years to recoup the investment and they generate significant material waste. Prior to EnerLogic window films, conventional low-e window films have long lacked the efficiency of low-e windows and can excessively diminish visible light. EnerLogic window film balances the equation by lowering costs without compromising performance or visibility. EnerLogic window film provides 3 times more heating and cooling savings than comparable visible light transmission films. The end result is an ongoing energy savings of up to 15% on annual energy costs.

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    Enhanced Sunlight

    EnerLogic window film is not just designed to answer with numbers, but is meant to enhance comfort, privacy, light, and protection from sun damage. EnerLogic window film helps create living and work spaces that are more comfortable and inviting, providing consistent indoor temperatures with natural light. With EnerLogic window films, natural light shines through while glare is reduced – not only protecting you, but preserving space, flooring, furniture, and works of art. Our ultimate goal is to protect your investment and your experience.